Vimarsh, UG Students’ Annual Journal 2023


A research journal is regarded as a significant and reliable means of sharing and gaining knowledge. XITE College handholds with students to show them the intricacies of research and educate them on how to do research. This conversation gave birth to Vimarsh, UG Students’ Annual Journal in the year 2022-23. This yearly journal is the hard work of the under graduate (UG) students of XITE College. The journal gives the students an opportunity to hone their research skills and construct systematic abstractions. The articles include from literature, economics, psychology, commerce, and business. Through this journal XITE College attempts to create a platform for the students to reflect on certain topics of their interest and critical thinking. I hope the readers will find Vimarsh, UG Students’ Annual Journal to be a wonderful learning resource.

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A Study of Challenges Faced by School Teachers and Students of East Singhhum District
While Shifting to Offline Classes from Online Classes

~Aditi Pasaya
The Role of Spirituality on Organizational Commitment
~Aksharirk Kumar
Impact of Covid-19 on Education in India
~Anil Tamsoy
Combating Corruption in India: The Role of Civil Society
~Esha Shaw and Misha Longa
Unveiling Self-Discovery Amidst Turmoil: Analyzing Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl
~Lily Baha Aind
Case Study on Crisis in the Indian Fishery Industry and its Impact on the Economy
~Lisa Barha
Impact of Covid-19 on Junior School Education – With Special Reference to the
East Singhbhum District

~Mehul Aman Raj
Abortion Rights: Fight for Women’s Right on Her Own Body
~Rachel Aditi Joseph
Identity Crisis Experienced by Indians in Foreign Lands
~Ruchi Kumari
In Search of Narrative Analysis
~Shreya Kujur
Complete Journal Vimarsh 20231-78