Under-19 Basketball Tournament

XITE College is organizing a Basketball tournament of Boys and Girls of Under-19 at XITE Campus from August 13 – 15, 2023. XITE College will be accepting 24 Boys’ Teams & 16 Girls’ Teams and the entry will be on the basis of first come first serve from various districts of Jharkhand and neighboring states (Orissa, Bihar and Calcutta).

Prizes for Boys:

  1. Winner Boys team Cash prize of Rupees 13,000/- + Medal +Trophy + Certificate
  2. 1st Runner up Boys team prize of Rupees 11,000/- + Medal +Trophy + Certificate
  3. 2nd Runner up Boys team prize of Rupees 9,000/- + Medal + Certificate

Prizes for Girls:

  1. Winner Girls team Cash prize of Rupees 10,000/- + Medal +Trophy + Certificate
  2. 1st Runner up Girls team prize of Rupees 8,000/- + Medal +Trophy + Certificate
  3. 2nd Runner up Girls team prize of Rupees 6,000/- + Medal + Certificate

Rules and regulation:

*All the BFI Rules Will Be Followed.

*Only the Final Will Be Stop & Go Game

Kindly note:

  1. All Disciplinary instructions must be strictly followed by all the participants throughout the championship in the campus.
  2. All teams should report at the venue on 12th August 2023 at 5.00 for document verification.
  3. District secretaries are requested to ensure that their boys’ and girls’ teams are accompanied by responsible manager and coach, and they will stay with their team (no separate accommodation will be provided for the managers and coaches).
  4. The meeting of the managers, coaches and referees will be held on 12th August 2023 before 5.00 pm at the venue.
  5. After confirming the team entry/ participation in the tournament, the entry fee (₹2000/-) will not be returned under any circumstances of the teams’ withdrawal or failure to participate.
  6. Consumption/ possession of Liquor, Pan Masala, Smoking, etc. are strictly prohibited in the campus and at the accommodation. Any violation of it by an individual or team will lead to disqualification and suspension from the tournament


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