National Voters Day Awareness 2024 at XITE College

XITE College commemorated National Voters Day 2024 with an impactful assembly dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of voting and democratic participation. The event, held today, witnessed the active involvement of students, faculty and distinguished members of the college community.
Taking the Pledge
The highlight of the assembly was the collective pledge taken by all attendees, led by Prof. Amit Chaturvedi. This pledge symbolized the commitment of the XITE family to uphold the democratic values of our nation and the importance of informed and responsible voting.
Distinguished Attendees
The event was graced by the presence of Fr. (Dr.) E. A. Francis, Fr. (Dr.) Mukti Clarence, Dr. Radha Mahali, and other esteemed faculty members. Their presence underscored the importance XITE College places on civic responsibility and education.
Awareness and Education
The awareness session was expertly conducted by Naval Narayan Choudhary, the Coordinator of the National Service Scheme (NSS) at XITE. He emphasized the role of educated voters in shaping a robust and healthy democracy. Students were educated on the voting process, the significance of their vote and how to become informed voters.
Empowering the Youth
This initiative is part of XITE College’s ongoing efforts to empower its students to be responsible citizens. By instilling the importance of voting and democratic participation, the college aims to contribute to the development of an engaged and active citizenry.
National Voters Day Awareness at XITE College was not just an event but a step towards building a more informed and participative society. We believe that each student who walked out of the assembly today is not just a future voter but a beacon of change for the democratic fabric of our nation.
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