Rules and Regulations


  1. The qualifying standards of the students to senior classes will be the same as stipulated by the Kolhan University.
  2. The Internal Examinations are compulsory and, under normal circumstances, no second chance will be given.
  3. The students are required to strictly adhere to the deadlines prescribed for the submission of all the assignments/project works/tasks assigned by the faculty.
  4. All fees to the College are to be paid online before the due date as declared by the College. Before the due date, a student might take an extension of maximum 10 working days from the Principal for paying the fees.
  5. The students who do not meet the above deadline will be allowed to make payment with fine.


  1. The College expects every student to have 100% attendance. As per the University norms, any student who gets less than 75% attendance in an academic semester will be barred from appearing for the University Exams.
  2. Due to unavoidable reasons, if a student is absent he/she will submit the leave application in the College Office after getting the signature of the Class Mentor.

Library & Computer Lab

  1. Students are not allowed to bring their books, bags, personal belongings, etc. into the Library/Computer lab.
  2. Students shall maintain silence in the Library and the Computer Lab.
  3. Books will be issued for seven days only and a renewal is possible if no request is placed.

General Discipline of the College

Students who violate the following rules will be called for strict disciplinary action.

  1. Use of cell phone during the Lecture inside Classroom, in the Library and Computer Lab.
  2. In the College premises, consumption of drugs, alcohol, biri, cigarette, tobacco (Khaini), etc.
  3. If anyone is found in possession of these or being under the influence of such substances.
  4. Damage/dis-figuration to the property of the College, in any form.
  5. Party politics / Riotous /violent / disorderly behaviour.
  6. Theft, fraud, dishonesty, etc.
  7. Reporting fictitious data in the assignments.
  8. Copying in the College examinations/tests, the assignments, etc.
  9. Defacing of walls and or furniture with graffiti.
  10. Leveling false and baseless allegations against any student, Faculty or staff of the College.
  11. Ragging (in any form).
  12. Driving two-wheeler without wearing helmet in the campus.
  13. Sexual harassment of any student/staff /faculty inside or outside the College.
  14. Party politics/ Riotous /violent / disorderly behaviour

Grievance Resolution

  • Students could submit duly signed grievances to the Principal.
  • Students could also submit duly signed general grievance to the Chairperson of the Grievance Redress Cell .
  • Students might submit duly signed grievances related to ragging to the Chairperson of Anti-Ragging Cell.
  • Students might submit duly signed grievance related to sexual harassment to the Chairperson of Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell.