Syllabus – BA Economics

Three Year Degree Programme is divided into six Semesters. Every year there will be two Semesters. Courses are assigned by the University and the College is obliged to follow the direction. The College offers additional certificate programme on Communicative English with Soft-Skill, Personality Development, Business Ethics, Research and Publications, etc. along with the degree programme to give added advantage to the students both in higher studies and employment opportunity.

Course Structure

1st Year

PAPER CODE Course Structure Course Type 
ECC101 Micro Economics – I C-I 
ECC102 Indian Economics – I C-II 
GE-I EnglishGE-I 
AECC-I English/Hindi(MIL) AECC-I 
PAPER CODE Course Structure Course Type 
ECC201 Micro Economics – II C-III 
ECC202 Indian Economics – II C-IV 
GE- 2 EnglishGE-II 

2nd Year

 PAPER CODE Course Structure Course Type 
ECC301 Macro Economics C-V 
ECC302 International Economics C-VI 
ECC303 Public Finance C-VII 
GE- 3 EnglishGE-3 
SEC-I G.K & Current Affairs SEC-I 
PAPER CODE Course Structure Course Type 
ECC401 Money & Banking C-VIII 
ECC402 Mathematical Analysis C-IX 
ECC403 Economics of Growth and Development C-X 
GE- 4 EnglishGE- 4 
SEC-2 Personality Development SEC-2 

3rd Year

PAPER CODE Course Structure Course Type 
ECC501 Statistical Analysis XI 
ECC502 History of Economic Thought – I XII 
ECCDSE1501A/B Choose any one  Mathematical –I(A) Agriculture – I(B) DSE-1 
ECCDSE2502A/B Choose any one  Mathematical-II(A) Agriculture – II(B) DSE-2 
PAPER CODE Course Structure Course Type 
ECC601 History of Economic Thought – II XIII 
ECC602 Economics of Education and Health XIV 
ECCDSE3601C/D Choose any one  Econometrics (C) Demography (D) DSE-3 
Project Work