XITE Photo Walk: Community Service (23/10/2021)

On 23rd Oct. XITE College under the theme “XITE Photo Walk: An Endeavor to Help Cheshire Home” was organized. On the occasion, the Community Service Club of the College conducted a clothes drive and Diya selling activity while the Photography Club captured beautiful images of various activities. The Community Service activities were organized and managed by the student members of the clubs under the guidance of faculty mentors, Dr. Pompi Das Sengupta, Dr. Partha Priya Das and Dr. Sanchita Ghosh Chowdhury while the photographs were captured under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh and Prof. Shalu Kant.

The objective was to inculcate values of love, support and compassion among the students and faculty and to support the special residents of Cheshire Home.  More than 500 old clothes and winter-wear were collected and they will be re-distributed to the needy in the neighbourhood. The enthusiasm of the students was infectious that all students showed active interest and participated passionately. More than twenty student photographers participated in the Photo-Walk competition. The results of the winners will be declared soon.

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