Competition “Between the Lines” on 02/07/2022

The Department of English of XITE College conducted a Competition on 2nd July 2022 “Between The Lines”  at the College seminar hall on the occasion of “National Reading Day” which is observed on 19th of June, in India in honour of the Keralite Teacher, Mr. P.N. Panicker.

The event was well attended by students and faculty of the Department of Business Administration, Department of Commerce, Department of Economics and the Department of English. Students of the Department of English conducted the program with full spirit under the guidance of Prof. Shalu K. The event was divided into three competitions namely, Spell Bee, Reading Competition and Scavenger’s Hunt. Winners from the Competition were Supriya Mohanty, Babai Mandal, Anil Jojowar, K.A. Peter, Amish Lakra, Harry Robin Toppo. Father Principal congratulated the participants and winners.

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