Decoding the Union Interim Budget 2024: A Seminar by the Department of Economics

Unveiling Insights and Aspirations for a Viksit Bharat

On March 19th, 2024, the Department of Economics at XITE College organized an enlightening seminar titled “Decoding the Union Interim Budget 2024“. This pivotal event brought together students, faculty and esteemed guests to dive deep into the nuances of the latest Interim Budget, revolving around the promising theme of “Viksit Bharat” or Developed India.

Objective: Illuminating the Path to Development

Dr. Sanchita Ghosh Chowdhury, the Coordinator of the Department, inaugurated the seminar with a warm welcome address, setting the stage for a day of insightful discussions. The seminar aimed to shed light on the Interim Budget’s multifaceted approach to fostering national development, highlighting the potential impacts on the nation’s poor, women, youth and farmers.

Insightful Presentations by Students

The seminar featured an impressive lineup of presentations by students from the department. Anil Jojowar, Melwyn David and Lavish Boipai from Semester 6, alongside Pragya B. Kujur, Jaya Mardi, Ayush Bhengra and Shreya Munduiya from Semester 3, delivered comprehensive insights into various budget aspects. Topics ranged from education and capital expenditure to startups, entrepreneurship, budget deficit, manufacturing, taxes and defense budget, offering a holistic view of the budgetary allocations and their intended impacts.

XITE - Decoding the Union Interim Budget 2024

Expert Analysis and Interactive Discussions

Dr. Radha Mahali, a faculty member from the Department of Economics, provided a thought-provoking analysis of the Interim Budget. Her discourse explored how the budget could steer India towards achieving its long-term goals and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), envisioning India’s journey to becoming a developed nation by 2047. An interactive session ensued, allowing for a vibrant exchange of ideas and addressing queries from the audience.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Supriya Mohanty, a Semester 6 student, expressing gratitude towards all contributors for making the event a success. Special appreciation was extended to Fr. (Dr.) E.A. Francis, S.J., Principal of XITE College and Fr. (Dr.) Mukti Clarence, S.J., Vice-Principal, for their unwavering support and encouragement.

The “Decoding the Union Interim Budget 2024” seminar stands as a testament to XITE College’s commitment to providing its students with a dynamic educational experience. By closely examining the intricacies of the Interim Budget, the event not only enhanced the academic understanding of economic policies but also inspired students to engage critically with issues shaping the nation’s future.

As we reflect on the insights and discussions sparked by this seminar, it is clear that such initiatives play a crucial role in empowering the next generation of leaders, thinkers and change-makers. The Department of Economics looks forward to continuing its tradition of fostering meaningful dialogue on pressing economic matters, contributing to the intellectual growth of its students and the broader community.

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