Syllabus – B.Com

B.Com (H)

Three Year Degree Programme is divided into six Semesters. Every year there will be two Semesters. Courses are assigned by the University and the College is obliged to follow the direction. The College offers additional certificate programmes along with the degree programme to give added advantage to the students both in higher studies and employment opportunity.

Course Structure

Semester I

Paper CodeCourse StructureCourse Type
BCH1. 1Financial AccountingCore Discipline – C1
BCH1. 2Business LawsCore Discipline – C2
BCH1. 3Eng/MIL – CommunicationAbility Enhancement Courses – AECC1
BCH1. 4Micro – EconomicsGeneric Elective – GE1
BCH1.5Business CommunicationCertificate Course of the College

Semester II

Paper CodeCourse StructureCourse Type
BCH2. 1Corporate AccountingCore Discipline – C3
BCH2. 2Corporate LawsCore Discipline – C4
BCH2. 3Environmental ScienceAbility Enhancement Courses – AECC2
BCH2. 4Macro – EconomicsGeneric Elective – GE2
BCH2.5Business EthicsCertificate Course of the College

Semester III

Paper CodeCourse StructureCourse Type
BCH3. 1Business Mathematics &StatisticsCore Discipline – C5
BCH3. 2Income – Tax Law And PracticeCore Discipline – C6
BCH3. 3Management Principles and ApplicationCore Discipline – C7
BCH3. 4General Knowledge & Current AffairsSkill Enhancement Courses – SEC1
BCH3. 5Planning And Economic DevelopmentGeneric Elective – GE3

Semester IV

Paper CodeCourse StructureCourse Type
BCH4. 1Management AccountingCore Discipline – C8
BCH4. 2Auditing and Corporate GovernanceCore Discipline – C9
BCH4. 3Cost AccountingCore Discipline – C10
BCH4. 4Personality DevelopmentSkill Enhancement Courses – SEC2
BCH4. 5Banking & InsuranceGeneric Elective – GE4

Semester V

Paper CodeCoursesCourse Type
BCH5. 1Human Resource ManagementCore Discipline – C11
BCH5. 2Financial ManagementCore Discipline – C12
BCH5. 3Any One:-(a) Banking and Insurance (b) E- CommerceDiscipline Specified Elective – DSE1
BCH5. 4Any One:-          
(a) E- Filling of Returns
(b) Entrepreneurship
Discipline Specified Elective – DSE2
BCH5. 5Strategic ManagementCertificate Course of the College

Semester VI

Paper CodeCourse StructureCourse Type
BCH6. 1Goods and Service TaxCore Discipline – C13
BCH6. 2Principle of MarketingCore Discipline – C14
BCH6. 3Any One:
(a) New Venture Planning
(b) Computerised Accounting
Discipline Specified Elective – DSE3
BCH6. 4Business Research Methods & Project WorkDiscipline Specified Elective – DSE4
BCH6. 5Creative Advertising & Sales    OR
Securities & Securities Analysis     OR
Industrial Relation
Certificate Course of the College