Program Specific Outcome


B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

  1. To equip students with basic knowledge and technical skills of accounting profession.
  2. To pursue a career in accounting and finance.
  3. To develop strong ethical and moral values.
  4. To prepare students in professional accounting and applied finance.
  5. To provide an adequate understanding of the financial intricacies of business.
  6. To improve students’ self-confidence, personality and communication skills.
  7. To prepare students to take leadership roles in future.
  8. To equip students with both theoretical and conceptual knowledge about evaluating business.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  1. To provide adequate understanding about management among the students
  2. To equip students with theoretical knowledge, skill in communication and suitable business knowledge.
  3. To prepare students to explore available opportunities in the management profession.
  4. To train students in the overall development of personality and communication skills to have self-confidence and team-spirit.
  5. To prepare students to meet the expectations of industry in the fast changing virtual business environment.
  6. To develop appropriate skills in students so as to make them competent and employable.