XITE College in fight against Covid-19

The XITE College (present students and alumni) has given helping hands to the local administration to fight against Covid-19. On April 9th fourteen Xiteans (Akshaay Kumar, Shantanu, Ajit singh, Hitesh, Shubham, Abhinash, Akshit Anand, Suraj Das, Rahul Panday, subham Debnath, Nitesh Ranjan, Tushar) came together along the Principal and discussed ways and means to support local community, neighbourhod during the lock down period. They have agreed to form small groups of their own and take care of the starving stray animals of their locality and will inform the administration in case of emergency. Under the leadership of Gamharia BDO, they have formed a Whatsapp group and already started sharing the information, the work in progress. The main objective of the group is to protect the local community from all  kinds of harm that might occur through starving stray dogs and other animals.

XITE College, Gamharia


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