Faculty Profile

Fr. Mukti Clarence S.J

Fr. (Dr) Mukti Clarence S.J

Designation Asst. Professor
Academic Qualification M.Sc. (Psychology), M.A. (Philosophy), M. Phil, Ph. D
Area of Specialization Organizational Behavior

Research & Publications

  1. Mukti Clarence & George, T. S. (2017). Role of Spiritual Competence and Subjective Wellbeing in Organizational Commitment among Catholic College Teachers. SJCC Management Research Review, 112-130.
  2. Mukti Clarence & George, T. S. (2018). Role of Demographic Variables in Organizational Commitment among Catholic College Teachers. Asia Pacific Journal of Research, 419-427.
  3. Mukti Clarence & George, T. S. (2018). Spirituality and subjective well-being among catholic college teachers of Bangalore. Indian Journal of Health and Well-being, 9(3), 678-680
  4. Mukti Clarence, Viju, P. D., & George, T. S. (2018). Influence of Psychological Capital on Affective Commitment among Teachers : A Reflective Analysis. International Journal of Multidisciplinary, 60–64
  5. Mukti Clarence, P. D. Viju & Tony Sam George (2019). The Jesuit educational mission in rural Chotanagpur, India: historical achievements and contemporary challenges, International Studies in Catholic Education, DOI: 10.1080/19422539.2019.1691826
  6. Mukti Clarence, SJ. (2011). My experience of the First 48 hours of Kandhamal violence, Voice of ST. Thomas, 6-8.
  7. Mukti Clarence, SJ. (2018). Disobedience: A Threat to Mental Health, The Examiner, (169‎) 40.
  8. Mukti Clarence, SJ. (2019). Confession, The New Leader Issues. (132) 6.

Paper Presentation

  1. “Influence of Psychological Capital on Affective Commitment among Teachers” at National Conference, Sri Ramkrishna College (ICSSR) on 27th Sep 2018.
  2. “Effects of a Psychological Capital on Psychological Wellbeing: A Theoretical Framework” at International conference, University of Hyderabad 1st Nov 2018.
  3. “Defense of Mental Health through Psychological Capital and Promotion of Psychological well-being among employees: Accomplishments and pathways ahead” at International conference, Christ University 5th Jan 2019.
  4. “Role of Self-Compassion in Safeguarding the Subjective Wellbeing of Ad hoc School Teachers, Mediating Role of Psychological Capital” at National Conference, Periyar University (ICSSR)26th Oct 2018.
  5. Impact of Emotional intelligence on affective commitment: Role of Psychological capital as Mediating variable at International Conference, St. Agnes College, 25th Sep 2018.

Conferences & Seminars Attended

  1. World doctorates day at Christ University on 25th August 2018
  2. One-week faculty development program on SEM, Mediation and Moderation Analysis, at VIT University, 13-19  August 2018
  3. Conference of Catholic Psychologists of India at Jyot Nivas College 9th June 2018
  4. Conference of Catholic Psychologists of India at Jyot Nivas College 24th August 2018
  5. Structural Equation Modeling at Sahrdaya, Institue of Management 21-23 March 2019.
  6. Academic Publishing for Quality Research at XLRI 20th Noverment 2019.
  7. National Webinar on Self-compassion by Andhra Loyola College 21st July 2020
  8. National Webinar on Transforming classroom into informal and learning ground by St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur 31st May 2020
  9. Webinar on Behavioral and Psychological dimension of analysis by University of Madras, 24th May 2020.
  10. Webinar on Economic impact of COVID-19 by St. Vincent College Pune 15th May 2020
  11. Webinar on RTI-ACT: The armor of democracy by XITE College Gamharia 5th July 2020
  12. Webinar by Dr. Chhaya Gupta on Impact of lockdown on Psychological wellbeing on 23th Mary 2020.
  13. National webinar on becoming an aatamnirbhar Bharat by XITE College on 6th June 2020.

Workshops / Seminars (Conducted)

  1. Faculty Development Programme supported by MHRD under the scheme of Pandit Mandan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching at Jamshedpur Women’s College 6th February 2020.