XITE Alumni Meet 2023: Nostalgia Revisited

Dear Xaverians,

The XITE campus was abuzz with nostalgia and joy as we hosted the Alumni Meet on 22nd December 2023. It was a heartening reunion of former students who once graced our halls with curiosity and dreams.

XITE Alumni Meet 2023

XITE Alumni Meet 2023

Event Highlights:

1. Coordination and Warm Welcome: The event was beautifully coordinated by Naval Narayan Choudhary and Seema Herenj. The alumni were welcomed with warmth, rekindling the camaraderie.

2. Christmas Vibes: The campus was adorned with festive decorations, enhancing the Christmas spirit. A special Christmas celebration added a touch of joy to the gathering.

3. Supervision and Guidance: The entire event was under the gracious supervision of Dr. Fr. Mukti Clarence, SJ, who ensured that the reunion and festivities ran smoothly.

4. Alumni Interaction: The alumni had the opportunity to reconnect with their peers, faculty, and the institution that played a significant role in shaping their academic journey.

5. Meeting and Lunch: Post the Christmas celebration, an intimate meeting was conducted, providing a platform for alumni to share experiences. The event concluded with a delightful lunch.

6. Organizational Support: Ashish Singh, Head of Branding & Communication, provided invaluable support to make the event a success.

XITE Alumni Meet 2023

XITE Alumni Meet 2023

Gratitude and Looking Ahead:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the alumni who graced the occasion, adding their essence to the event. The Alumni Meet 2023 was not just a reunion but a testament to the enduring bonds forged within the walls of XITE.

As we bid adieu to this memorable day, we eagerly anticipate more reunions, shared moments, and the continued success of our beloved alumni.

Stay connected, stay Xaverian!

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