TransLIT: A Celebration of Literary Exploration at XITE College

TransLIT is an annual literary extravaganza hosted by XITE College that celebrates the profound impact of literature and the art of translation. It’s an event where students come together to explore and present translations of literary works, transcending the boundaries of languages and cultures.
At TransLIT, we believe in the transformative power of words. It’s a platform that fosters intellectual exchange, enabling students to delve into the nuances of literary translation and build connections within a passionate community of literary enthusiasts.
The event brings together diverse voices, cultures and languages, highlighting the beauty and significance of literary translation. Through these translations, we create bridges that connect different worlds, enabling us to appreciate the richness of global literature.
Distinguished guests, including Dr. (Fr.) Mukti Clarence S.J., Vice Principal of XITE College, and Dr. Pragya Shukla, Assistant Professor at the Central University of Jharkhand, have graced the event with their valuable insights. Their presence and contributions have enriched the experience for both students and the audience.
TransLIT is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the universality of literature, the power of language, and the connections we can forge through the written word. It’s a testament to the importance of literary exploration in our academic journey.
Stay tuned for updates on TransLIT and other enriching events at XITE College as we continue to explore the world of literature and learning.