Rango Ki Barsat: A Spectacular Holi Celebration

XITE College, Gamharia, marked the vibrant festival of Holi with an unforgettable celebration named “Rango Ki Barsat” on March 21, 2024. This event was exclusively organized for the XITEian community, embodying the spirit of joy, unity and cultural vibrancy. The college premises transformed into a colorful vista, where students, faculty and staff came together to revel in the festivities.
Event Highlights:

Gulaal and Colors: The air was filled with the vibrant hues of gulaal, as everyone smeared colors on each other, symbolizing love and friendship.

Rain Dance: A special rain dance setup added to the exhilaration, with participants dancing under the sprinkles of water, making for an unforgettable experience.

Water Balloons: The playful throwing of water balloons added a splash of fun, laughter and excitement to the festivities.

Selfie Booth: A creatively designed selfie booth captured the essence of Holi, allowing attendees to preserve their colorful moments.

DJ and Live Dhol: The event was further electrified by the beats of DJ Amit, accompanied by live dhol performances, setting the perfect vibe for a Holi party.

Food and Beverages: An array of delicious snacks and refreshing beverages kept the energy high throughout the celebration.

Safety Measures: The college ensured a safe environment for all participants, with non-toxic, eco-friendly colors and adequate water supply for a hassle-free celebration.

Significance of the Event:

“Rango Ki Barsat” was not just about celebrating Holi; it was a testament to XITE College’s commitment to fostering a vibrant campus culture that encourages inclusivity, joy and communal harmony. The event offered a much-needed break from academic routines, allowing students and faculty to bond, create lasting memories and experience the joy of togetherness.


Special thanks to the organizing committee, volunteers and sponsors who worked tirelessly to make “Rango Ki Barsat” a success. Their dedication ensured a seamless and joyful celebration for everyone involved.

As we move forward, “Rango Ki Barsat” sets a new benchmark for campus events at XITE College. We look forward to organizing more such events that bring our community together, celebrating the diverse and rich culture of our institution.

Here’s to more colors, joy and unity in the years to come!

XITE College, Gamharia remains dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience that extends beyond the classroom, nurturing a vibrant campus life full of learning, growth and celebrations.