Memorial Service on 09/07/2022

On 9th July 2022 XITE College conducted a Memorial Lecture to pay tribute to Fr. Stan
Swami on his first death anniversary. The session began with a prayer song, “the world stands in
need of liberation,” sung by the choir. Mr Arvind Anjum, a social activist and a friend of Fr.
Stan, was the speaker for the event. Mr Anjum, in his talk, highlighted the importance of
sensitivity and patience in daily life. He focused that dominance “will to power” is the
fundamental nature of every human, which tries to subjugate the other. Therefore, in our current
scenario, we witness how the poor, underprivileged, dalits and tribals are marginalized by the
powerful because of their sheer greed, power, and grandiose ideas. At the beginning of the
session, Fr. Mukti highlighted the dynamics of the session, stressing that sharpening one’s ability
for critical thinking and developing the attitude of giving back to society are the objectives of
education. Also, he spoke that Fr. Stan Swami became the voice of the voiceless and prophet of the modern era.

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