Celebrating the Spirit of the Nation: XITE’s Republic Day 2024

XITE College’s Republic Day 2024 celebration, where patriotism and the spirit of unity shined, featuring flag hoisting, cultural performances and inspirational speeches.


XITE College, a premier educational institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and cultural values, celebrated Republic Day 2024 with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. The event was marked by a series of activities that not only honored the essence of this significant day but also showcased the talents of our students and faculty members.

The Republic Day celebration began promptly at 9:30 am on our beautifully adorned campus, reflecting the tri-colors of the Indian flag. The entire XITE family, including faculty, staff and a vibrant student body, gathered to pay homage to our nation’s constitution and heritage.


Flag Hoisting Ceremony:

The highlight of the day was the flag hoisting ceremony, led by Prof. Anjali Jha. As the National Flag unfurled, the air was filled with patriotic zeal, with everyone present singing the National Anthem in unison, a testament to our unity and national pride.

Republic Day 2024

Republic Day 2024 – Flag Hoisting

Cultural Program:

Post the flag hoisting, the audience was treated to a range of cultural performances. The event showcased a blend of traditional and contemporary art forms, reflecting India’s rich cultural diversity. Performances included patriotic songs, each narrating a story of India’s journey and its heroes.

Republic Day 2024

Republic Day 2024 – Performances

Inspirational Speeches:

The day was further enriched by motivational speeches. Prof. Anjali Jha delivered an inspiring message, emphasizing the importance of education in nation-building and the role of youth in shaping a progressive India. Her words resonated with the audience, igniting a sense of responsibility and pride.

Republic Day 2024

Republic Day 2024 – Speech

Vote of Thanks:

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Shrutika of the BBA program, who expressed gratitude towards all the participants and organizers for making the Republic Day celebration a memorable one.

Republic Day 2024

Republic Day 2024 – Students

Special Acknowledgements:

Special thanks were extended to Dr. Radha Mahali, the Cultural Club coordinator, for her impeccable planning and execution of the event. The presence of distinguished faculty members, including Fr. (Dr.) E. A. Francis, SJ, added grace to the occasion.

Republic Day 2024

Republic Day 2024 – Faculty


The Republic Day celebration at XITE College was not just an event but a vivid reminder of our duties and rights as citizens of India. It was a day filled with emotions, pride and a renewed commitment to contribute positively to our nation’s growth. XITE College continues to foster a sense of national spirit and unity among its students, shaping them into responsible and conscientious citizens.


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