Alumni Connect: Illuminating Paths – Raisa Kar’s Journey

XITE had the distinct honor of hosting its revered alumna, Raisa Kar, at the Alumni Connect event held on December 7, 2023. This unique event serves as a platform for individual alumni to share their post – XITE journeys, offering valuable insights and inspiration to current students.
Alumni Connect - Raisa Kar

Alumni Connect – Raisa Kar

The session commenced with a warm welcome extended to Raisa Kar, who, since her time at XITE, has carved an impressive niche for herself. As a distinguished professional, Raisa brought forth her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, providing a glimpse into the real-world applications of the knowledge gained at XITE.
Raisa’s journey, particularly in her role as US Tax Consultant at Deloitte, resonated with the audience. Her narrative reflected the seamless integration of academic learnings with practical industry experiences, showcasing the holistic education XITE imparts.
The event was not only a walk down memory lane for Raisa but also an opportunity for current students to glean valuable insights into the professional landscape awaiting them. The interactive Q&A session that followed allowed students to seek personalized advice and guidance from an accomplished alumna.
Alumni Connect - Raisa Kar

Alumni Connect – Raisa Kar – Session

Alumni Connect is a testament to XITE’s commitment to nurturing a strong and enduring alumni network. The event serves as a bridge between the vibrant history of the institution and the unfolding journeys of its graduates, symbolizing the timeless bond that binds XITEians across generations.
As Raisa Kar shared her journey, the event underscored the transformative impact of XITE on its students, preparing them not just for academic success but for a lifelong journey of learning and growth.
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