XITE College Excursion to Puri: A Journey of Discovery

The final-year students of XITE College recently embarked on a transformative excursion to Puri, Odisha from December 23 to 27, 2023. The trip, meticulously organized by Professor Shailesh Kumar Dubey and Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh, aimed to provide students with a holistic experience beyond the confines of the classroom.
The primary goal was to immerse students in the cultural, historical and religious tapestry of Puri. Fostering unity among students from diverse disciplines and enriching their practical knowledge were pivotal objectives.
Itinerary and Activities:



Day 1: Departure and Arrival
The journey commenced from the college campus, leading to an orientation session upon arrival in Puri.
XITE Excursion To Puri

XITE Excursion To Puri – Departure from Jamshedpur

Day 2: Shree Jagannath Temple and Sakshigopal Temple
Students explored the revered Shree Jagannath Temple, delving into its architectural marvels and religious significance. The Sakshigopal Temple offered insights into ancient architecture and historical narratives.
Day 3: Swargadwar Market and Gundicha Mandir
A visit to the Swargadwar Market allowed students to engage with local artisans, understanding the economic dynamics of local trade. Gundicha Mandir revealed the rituals associated with the renowned Rath Yatra.
Day 4: Puri Beach and Pipili
A day of relaxation at Puri Beach facilitated discussions on environmental concerns. The trip to Pipili showcased the unique art of applique work, providing insights into local crafts and businesses.
Day 5: Konark and Departure
The excursion concluded with a visit to the Sun Temple at Konark, blending lessons on historical architecture, solar alignments and cultural significance. The group departed, marking the end of a enriching journey.
XITE Excursion To Puri

XITE Excursion To Puri

Learnings and Experiences:
– Understanding Odisha’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance.
– Practical insights into economics, business, history and culture.
– Interactions with locals and artisans for a socio-economic perspective.
– Enhanced teamwork and interpersonal skills through group activities and discussions.

XITE Excursion To Puri – Group Photo

The Puri excursion was an invaluable experience, aligning with XITE College’s commitment to holistic education. It not only broadened horizons but also strengthened the bonds within the student community.
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