Industry Visit of B.A. English Students to Dainik Jagran Press

On April 30, 2024, the Department of English at XITE College, Gamharia organized an industry visit for B.A. English (VI Sem) students to the Dainik Jagran Press in Jamshedpur. The visit was designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the practical applications of their literary studies in a professional setting.

– To provide students with firsthand experience of the environments where literary works are conceived, written and set.
– To enable students to make interdisciplinary connections by integrating insights from history, sociology, anthropology and other fields with their literary analysis.
– To help students explore potential career paths in fields such as publishing, journalism, editing, tourism, education and cultural preservation by experiencing the real-world applications of English literature.
Visit of B.A. English Students to Dainik Jagran Press

Visit of B.A. English Students to Dainik Jagran Press

Visit of B.A. English Students to Dainik Jagran Press

Visit to Dainik Jagran Press

The Visit:
Upon arrival at Dainik Jagran Press, the students were welcomed by Gursharan Singh, who provided an informative press tour. Throughout the visit, students engaged in reflective activities such as journaling and group discussions, allowing them to process their observations, insights and emotional responses to the experience.
Visit of B.A. English Students to Dainik Jagran Press

Dainik Jagran Press

Expert Session:
The highlight of the visit was an insightful session by Mr. Bimlesh Jha, Head of Sales & Marketing at Dainik Jagran. Mr. Jha introduced the students to media studies, discussing the relevance and importance of literature, journalism, publishing and cultural studies in today’s world. His talk included interactive elements such as Q&A sessions, group discussions and hands-on activities, which actively engaged the students in the learning process.
The visit provided students with invaluable exposure to the real-world applications of their academic studies. It served as a catalyst for deeper engagement with literature, fostering critical thinking, cultural awareness and a lifelong appreciation for the power of storytelling. The students left with a clearer understanding of potential career paths in publishing, journalism and related fields, inspired by the dynamic environment of the Dainik Jagran Press.
The industry visit to Dainik Jagran Press was a resounding success, fulfilling its objectives of providing practical experience and interdisciplinary insights. The Department of English at XITE College continues to strive towards offering enriching opportunities that bridge the gap between academic learning and professional application.
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