Faculty Development Program (FDP) at XLRI: Empowering XITE College Faculty in Academic Writing

On May 9th, 2024, the faculty of XITE College (Autonomous) had the privilege of participating in a Faculty Development Program (FDP) hosted at XLRI, our esteemed sister organization. This enriching session was led by Professor Kumar Alok, an expert in academic writing.
XITE - Faculty Development Program at XLRI

XITE – Faculty Development Program at XLRI

Session Focus:
The FDP centered on the intricacies of academic writing, with a particular emphasis on epistemology and ontology. Professor Kumar Alok’s session aimed to empower our faculty with the skills and knowledge essential for crafting research papers suitable for publication in reputable journals.
XITE - Faculty Development Program at XLRI

XITE – FDP Session at XLRI

Key Highlights:
Academic Writing: Professor Alok provided an in-depth exploration of the principles of epistemology and ontology, offering our faculty a solid foundation in these critical areas.
Research Paper Crafting: The session focused on equipping faculty members with the techniques and methodologies necessary for producing high-quality scholarly work.
Comprehensive Guidance: Professor Alok’s expert guidance ensured that participants gained a clear understanding of the essential elements involved in academic writing, enhancing their ability to contribute meaningfully to academic discourse.
The Faculty Development Program at XLRI was a resounding success, providing XITE College faculty with valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their academic writing skills. This initiative underscores our commitment to continuous professional development and academic excellence.
By investing in such programs, XITE College (Autonomous) reaffirms its dedication to fostering a culture of research and scholarly achievement among its faculty members.
XITE - Faculty Development Program at XLRI

XITE – Faculty at XLRI

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